PE Games

Goofy Elementary PE Games and Energy

Becoming an Elementary PE teacher can be hard work, day by day pushing your students to get active and try to have some fun in the process. That’s why it’s a good idea to switch up the everyday games with some unique well tested games to show the kids that your having a great time teaching them. Also remember how much kids feed off of your energy! The goofy names given to pe games often lend themselves well to silly sounds, actions and movements. The more buy-in you give to the game, the more the kids will believe in what they are doing and want to play too! For some goofy fun Elementary PE Games please visit At we have some of the original pe games with a twist such as Big Ball Soccer or Everywhere Dodgeball, which helps in keeping the games fun and fresh.

Elementary PE Games Class Comradery

When teaching a pe class the primary goal is to keep the students active for the full class length. But another goal that is extremely important when teaching pe is to grow class comradery and show how working together can be beneficial. And one of the best ways to accomplish both goals is by teaching Weekly Challenges.

Weekly Challenges are a class obstacle that shows students how working together and cheering on your fellow classmates can be fun. Having the students build a solid teamwork foundations is very important so they can learn that overcoming huge obstacles can be accomplished by working together. Usually it is recommended to start off a pe class with a weekly challenge and allow the class to get warm before starting a full length pe game.

Coming up with unique weekly challenges that keep the students interested can be a daunting task. But with there is always new content and unique weekly challenges you won’t find any place else.

Elementary PE Games in the Summer

The Summer months can be a tricky time to keep kids active. With school being out and without having the benefit of some physical education sometimes we become a little bit lazy. But with unique PE Games from PEGAMES.ORG you will have no problem in keeping your kids fit and having fun.

Wether you decide to beat the heat indoors or find a nice park it’s important to remember you can play the PE Games at PEGAMES.ORG wherever you want. Because we realize that typical parents don’t have all the gym equipment needed to play every PE game, we have labeled our games so it’s easy to spot which games don’t involve any equipment.

In this, the day and age of video games, iphones and the like, it has never been more important, or necessary, to get our kids moving. For 100% unique PE Games, feel free to visit our website at PEGAMES.ORG.